Emergency Help At Your Fingertips

With the iHelp+ 3G "Rescue Button"

Protect yourself and those your love.

The sleek and compact iHelp+ 3G "rescue button" does all the work for you when you or your loved ones are in an emergency situation. Simply press the "rescue button" and be connected to our monitoring center who's prepared to help you 24/7 wherever you are. Our advanced technology allows our monitoring center to contact the emergency responders in your location anywhere in the United States.

Emergency help is truly at your fingertips. Don't take your safety or the safety of the ones you love for granted.

The iHelp+ 3G "Rescue Button" Does Much More

When you press your "rescue button" your emergency contacts (friends, family or others) will receive instant notification by text. Included with the notification is a map showing your location at the exact moment your pressed your "rescue button."

Plus, our monitoring center can also call your emergency contacts to let them know that you've pressed your "rescue button." This feature is convenient for any person that doesn't have a cellphone or if your emergency contact has a business phone or other landline.

If the "rescue button" is for a child away at college, an elderly parent or any other loved one, you'll have peace of mind knowing that you can always receive notification whenever the "rescue button" is pressed.

For additional information about the iHelp+ 3G "rescue button," click the links below.

The ResQ USA security monitoring system comes with a 12 month security monitoring contract at $24.95 per month. For less than $1 a day, you and your loved ones will have emergency help at your fingertips. Don't risk your safety. Don't take your protection -- and the protection of the your loved ones -- for granted. Order yours today.

The iHelp+3G "rescue button" can be worn on our wrist band, pendent or holster (all included). Or put the "rescue button" on your key chain or in your pocket or simply hold it in your hand. The "rescue button" will always be wherever you want it. Also included is a base charger and a car charger.

Note: You must be 18 years or older to subscribe, although the responsible payer does not need to be the subscriber. Certain terms and limitations apply. Read and review carefully our monitoring contract. The iHelp+ 3G “panic button” will only communicate with our monitoring center when there is cellphone coverage and availability and will only provide approximate, if not exact, location when there is GPS coverage and availability.